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Eyebrow transplant in Turkey: FUE eyebrow implants all-inclusive price

Eyebrow transplant in Turkey : for whom ?

Eyebrow transplantation is a minimally invasive implantation technique, which helps to densify and thicken sparse or too thin eyebrows. This hair surgery procedure restores harmony to the eyebrows and helps rejuvenate the face.

Aimed at both men and women, eyebrow implants by DHI are indicated for redrawing eyebrows devoid of a more or less significant part of their hair. This can be due to alopecia, chemotherapy treatments or excessive eyebrow waxing.

Thus, the FUE eyebrow transplant is an alternative to micro-pigmentation and other semi-permanent eyebrow makeup techniques which only offer temporary results.

Benefits of eyebrow transplant in Istanbul

Eyebrow implant surgery in Turkey has several advantages:

  • The intervention is painless and minimally invasive
  • Leaves no visible scar on the implantation or follicular sample area
  • It refines the look and softens the facial expression
  • It gives the eyebrow line a perfectly natural look
  • Correcting the eyebrow fringe improves facial symmetry
  • It hides the scars of the brow bone

Eyebrows transplant

The price of eyebrow transplant Turkey

The price of eyebrow transplant in Turkey is up to 70% cheaper than in France. This is an all-inclusive formula which includes the costs of hair surgery, preoperative examinations, convalescent stay in Istanbul and the various services related to medical stay in Turkey (transfers, assistants, translation manager, etc.) .

For your eyebrow transplant surgery in Turkey, you will be taken care of in the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, and will have at your disposal a professional team accustomed to providing hair implantation care.

Request a free, all-inclusive, personalized quote for your all-inclusive eyebrow transplant in Turkey.

How is the DHI eyebrow transplant performed ?

Eyebrow transplantation is performed using the technique of extraction of follicular units (FUE).

Given the reduced number of follicles to be transferred (between 200 and 500), the duration of the eyebrow transplant operation is much shorter than that of hair implants in other parts of the body. Thus, the implantation of eyebrows lasts between 2 to 3 hours, against 6 to 10 hours for beard or hair transplants.

First of all, the surgeon draws the eyebrows, according to the characteristics of the patient's face and their aesthetic objectives.

Under local anaesthesia, the patient's hair follicles are extracted from the back of the neck, then re-implanted in each eyebrow using an ultra-thin punch. Micro-grafts are performed taking into account the direction of growth of each eyebrow hair in order to guarantee a natural result.

Result of the eyebrow transplant

The eyebrow transplant in Turkey leads to a natural and lasting result. The transplanted hair is permanent and improves the harmony of the face. However, account must be taken of their faster regrowth than that of the surrounding hairs, in particular during the first postoperative year. During this period, the implanted eyebrow hairs must be trimmed regularly to guarantee a harmonious aesthetic result.

For the long term, eyebrow transplantation is the most effective treatment to recover the hair density of the eyebrows, without leaving marks or scars.

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